Ready Fur Love: Padme’s Love Letter

Ready Fur Love


December 20, 2017


Hello! I’m Padme,

Nice to meet cha! You want to get to know me? Let me start off by letting you know that I am super awesome. You could call me a dog’s dog. I like to be outside. I love to swim. I am all about having fun! I can be anybody’s buddy. People? Love em. Other dogs? They’re cool. I especially love the fellas and they love me. Can you blame them? Just look at me! How often do you get to see such a happy face? Don’t worry though! I behave myself just fine.

My greatest dream fulfilled would be finding a new family that will take me to all sorts of fun places. Places such as hiking trails, dog parks, the ocean or anywhere really! I bring the fun wherever I go. Just throw a toy my way and I’ll have a blast. Once I’ve tuckered myself out I love to take a nap and get some pats filled with love. That sure would be the life!

I am hoping to find an active family with an older dog or two for me to rough house with. Older kids would be good, too. Younger kids sometimes have more energy than I do. I love people and all but even I need some time to myself. I’m sure you understand. When I’ve found my human, I like to do some hard core snuggling. You might think I’m too big but I guarantee that I can fit myself on any sized lap that’s willing to give me a good back scratch.

That should give you a good idea on who I am and if we are compatible. I know I sound too good to be true, so come visit me in person to see for yourself what a good dog I am.