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By: Deanna Chesnut. M.A.,

Author, Purrs & Promises


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In the spirit of “Happy Holidays”, I am posting a few of my very, very favorite internet cats and cat sites that you may find amusing as you take time out or recover from the flurry of activity that goes with the holidays. I hope these “favorite things” will amuse you, amaze you, and give you insight into the mind of the cat.

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MARU:  My #1 favorite in videos of the audacious Scottish Fold cat that lives in Japan with a spotless housekeeper, and loves to fit into any and all boxes, likes to “get into” sacks, and generally is the most entertaining of cats. There are multiple videos, but here is a compilation: https://goo.gl/jJtHpK 

(Be sure to save the Christmas boxes for your cats to play in. Cut a hole or two in the sides of the smaller ones and hide a treat or two there.)


COLE & MARMALADE:  My favorite Christmas video to put me in the Christmas mood.  These two cats have managed to destroy several different kinds of Christmas trees and in this video link, He’s tried again, but the cats are determined to take down that tree!: https://goo.gl/ceHFWL

Having learned his lesson, their caretaker puts on his thinking cap and builds a cat-proof tree: https://goo.gl/8ymvW5


SIMON”S CAT:  An English Cartoon strip shows the trials and travails of being a single caretaker for a big-eyed fat cat that wants his way.  Here is one video especially for Christmas. Here’s a short intro to Simon’s attitude as he gets a special present.  Don’t forget to put some ’nip in your kitty’s stocking! https://goo.gl/JH8CJJ


BEAUTIFUL CATS (of Siberia).  I stumbled on these photos of some very unique cats. The photos themselves are beautiful as are the cats, and they will put you in the mood for a snowy Christmas: https://goo.gl/wZ4z2z


LIL BUB: A genetically challenged little tabby cat who was rescued from a feral cat’s litter, Lil Bub has a wonderful purr to calm and soothe you as she purrs away in front of this soothing video of a crackling fire in the background as she enjoys the “warmth of the season.” https://goo.gl/oQR5cn


SHIRONEKO:  (White Cat) a.k.a Zen Cat and a.k.a. Basket Cat, (Breed: Turkish Van)  is the laziest cat around and sleeps through all the indignities his caretaker while he is snoozing, almost always with a smile on his face. The photos of his “decorations” are beautiful, and I just want to yawn as I look at his contentment, and smile:  https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/05/12/zen-master-cat-shironeko_n_5310157.html

Take his bliss with you and have a wonderful the New Year.