Pack Pride: Brenda Saves Lives by Fostering

Pack Pride
Brenda (R) receiving Volunteer of the Year at the 2016 Diamonds in the Ruff Gala

For this week’s Pack Pride, we are highlighting another volunteer who has been with us for the long haul. Brenda Wilson began with Texas Humane Heroes back in 2000 with her Girl Scout Brownie troop where they would do laundry, walk dogs, and keep our grounds looking their best. The girls loved being part of it so much, they continued through to their Sophomore year of high school. Since then, Brenda directly joined the team and began volunteering in many different ways.

Brenda leads our media team when we have television appearances, she helps with our monthly Low-Cost Shot Clinic, and she also is a foster. Since beginning as a volunteer, she has fostered over 150 animals, some of whom became a permanent member of her family. Brenda says the best part about volunteering is seeing her fosters find their forever homes. She has even friended many of the families who keep in touch with updates on how their pet is doing.

Not too long ago, Brenda adopted one of her foster dogs, Jojo. She was a beautiful girl who recently passed from cancer. While the loss of a family member is hard, Brenda considers herself lucky for the opportunity to be her mom.

Brenda stresses the importance of spaying and neutering pets, as well as adoption. While there is a lot of bad things in the world, seeing a good adoption or a happy ending stories proves what we do is worthwhile and that every pet is deserving of a home.

Aside from animal welfare, Brenda has many hobbies. She is passionate about fitness and teaches classes at her local gym. She is also an avid quilter with her most recent quilt depicting a cat hanging off a quilt being displayed as a wall hanging. She also recently became a grandmother and enjoys seeing his happiness spending time with her pets. Clearly her love for animals was passed on to him and we look forward to welcoming him as a future volunteer as he grows!

At last year’s Diamonds in the Ruff gala, Brenda was honored as Volunteer of the Year. We are still honored to have her love, passion, and support as part of our organization.