Pack Pride: Donovan, Our Hero Town Hero

Pack Pride


In this week’s Pack Pride, you might recognize this face if you’ve ever been to the 1890 Petsmart on a weekend…or it’s possible you’ve seen him here at our Leander Adoption Center. Donovan’s role at Texas Humane Heroes, (besides helping us reach all things top shelf) is the Community Adoptions Coordinator, which means when you see our cats at a Petsmart or Petco, or see adoptions happening on a weekend, Donovan has coordinated all of this. From paperwork, to transportation, to getting them adopted, it’s all Donovan!

Donovan, originally from North Carolina, moved to Texas about six years ago. Last year, he started here at Texas Humane Heroes on the Animal Wellness Team and has worked his way to being in charge of all offsite adoptions. Donovan is passionate about animals. He has a dog and a cat himself, Maggie and Granola. His goal is to be certified dog trainer by the end of the year. “You can tell he genuinely cares about about the animals” Halee Jorgensen, a fellow staff member says. “ He’s extremely hard working and I’ve loved having the privilege of working with him over the past year.”

His favorite current adoptable dog is Blue, and favorite adoptable cat is Whisky. One of his all time favorite memories was seeing Chippy and Evan, two cats he paired up, get adopted together. Chippy was a really shy and under-socialized gal and Evan was a confident large tomcat. They would play with each other through their kennels, so Donovan tried them together in one of our Kitty Condos. Chippy was a new cat when she was with Evan. Soon after they were paired together, they got adopted and went to the same forever family. Most of his favorite stories are seeing animals get adopted.

If Donovan could travel anywhere, it would be Ireland. His favorite pizza topping is Italian sausage, favorite candy is Twizzlers (like Taylor from a few blogs ago), and favorite beverage is unsweetened iced tea. He is an active volunteer at another organization called Safe in Austin, where he spends time each week helping out. His favorite quote is “you can’t change an animal’s past, but you can rewrite their future”. Go visit Donovan and friends at Petsmart next weekend, you may just leave with a new family member.