Ready Fur Love: Frida’s Love Letter

Ready Fur Love


December 7, 2017

Hello! I’m Frida.

It is so very nice to meet you! I love love love talking with anyone who will listen to me. I may be vocal when I get excited but I get chill when I’ve had my fill of fun. Meeting new people is something that other dogs might be nervous about but not me! I find the experience to be oh so exciting. But what really excites me is the thought of finding a home where I get to be with the ones I love everyday.

If you are looking for a playpal with a whole lot of spunk I’m your gal. What am I looking for in my potential family? Someone active who will take me out on the town for an adventure! I am still a youngster so I’ll have energy to spare for quite sometime. I also have a big smart brain that will needs lots of stimulation such as learning tricks or puzzle toys. So be sure you are up for the task of doing stuff all day everyday. Another big thing for me is somebody who won’t let others tease me because of my brow. Don’t people know unibrows are totally making a comeback? My namesake Frida Kahlo had one and was as amazing as am I!

So come on over to check me out. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Yours truly,