Ready Fur Love: Elvis’s Love Letter

Ready Fur Love

January 25th, 2018

Hello! My name is Elvis.

Hold your applause, yes, it is I, “The King” of Texas Humane Heroes, Elvis. I am honored to be this week’s VIP Spotlight and have the opportunity to share a little about myself. As you may have seen in my photo earlier this week I am a shy guy, tall, dark and handsome (or so they tell me) and an avid rock listener. There is much more to know about me than just those things.

If you first meet me when I am in my kennel I may come across as a rowdy guy but that is not the case. I just get a little nervous in there. Once I am outside, my character really shines through. I am, simply put, a happy dog looking for a happy home. Hopefully someone who loves to rock out as much as I do will come around soon to adopt me. It doesn’t matter if they have other dogs or kids, I can hang out with everyone in the family! Elvis Presley may have had a reputation as a bad boy, but I however, am very good. I’m a good listener and will sit when asked. I mind my manners and don’t pester anyone. You don’t have to buy my love with fancy toys, I am perfectly content to just run around and enjoy the great outdoors.

Now that you have a taste of how great I am, come on over to Texas Humane Heroes to meet the legend in person. Thank you, thank you very much for taking the time to learn about me!