Pack Pride: Russ the Tech Guy to the Rescue!

Pack Pride
Russ doin’ what he does best– fixing our computers and taking care of the dogs!

Time for Pack Pride!

Meet our tech savvy volunteer Russ! There’s more to volunteering here than just animal care. Russ helps out around hereby using his technician experience to fix any computer or electric issues we may have. He even helps us with lawn maintenance, dog walking and cleaning. This guy is volunteering out all over the place!

Russ only recently became a volunteer back in October, but we can already tell that his skills will be very valuable. What made him become a volunteer in the first place was his desire to help out his community and the animals in it. It is a real honor to have Russ volunteer here. He served in the army as a Computer/Electronic Detection Systems Repairer. It’s not everyday that we have an Army trained repairman volunteering his time to helping us out. Even before he enlisted, Russ had worked as both an IT and Audio/Visual Technician for eight years!

True to the tech image, Russ spends his free time playing video games and working on various technology related projects. He’s even working on starting his own business. What a guy! Russ also spends his time getting to know our animals when he isn’t off fixing something.  

All of us here at Texas Humane Heroes are proud to have such a wonderful volunteer. Russ himself, is proud of his many technology certifications as well as his completion of multiple programming courses. He’s even an Eagle Scout! What doesn’t this guy do?! And these are just a few things on his long list of accomplishments.

We look forward to having Russ’ help in the future. If you are ever at our Killeen location you might see him around and if you do, please tell him what a great job he’s doing!

You can join Russ as a TXHH volunteer, too! Sign up here: