Ready Fur Love: Zeke’s Love Letter

March 7, 2018

Hi! My name is Zeke.

I’m so happy to meet you all! I am hoping to find my forever family, I am ready to be someone’s best friend. My best friend would be someone who will spend time with me and to make me feel calm. I can sometimes get overwhelmed being in a kennel surrounding. I need to be in a calm environment to come out of my shell and show my true colors. You’ll see that I am very sweet and loveable. Give me some face rubs and you’ll win a place in my heart. And I would like to have a place in your heart, too! Of course if you have other animals, I’ll share the love with them, too. In play groups here at Texas Humane Heroes, I do well with other dogs. I like puppies and adult dogs alike. Of course, it would be great to meet my future siblings first. Maybe when you come visit me they can come, too! I’ve even lived with kids before and loved every second of it! Children are so much fun to play with.

Ready Fur LoveAs for my looks, I have a beautiful sleek grey and white coat that almost never gets dirty so you don’t need to worry about bathing me too often. I have a big head but the rest of me is a medium build. The perfect size I’d like to think. Speaking of my size, normally bigger dogs are extremely energetic. I, however, am very low key and don’t require too much activity. All I need is to be loved on for me to be happy.

Time to start wrapping this up. All you need to know is that I am a sweet big boy who can hang back and relax or go out on an adventure. I am so friendly that people often say that “I have never met a stranger in my life.” I am a versatile dog that would do well in a laid back household with other animals and/or kids. With the right family dedicated to teaching me the doggy basics, I will be a great family dog! If you’ve always wanted a big dog without excessive energy then I’m the guy for you. Come visit me, Zeke, at Texas Humane Heroes Leander Adoption Center today!