Ready Fur Love: Pop’s Ready Fur Love

Ready Fur Love
Thank you to Totes Pets for my awesome photo shoot!

Hello everyone, I’m Pop the pup! I may be on the larger side, but I’m still under a year old! Let me tell you a little bit about myself in my love letter!

Like I had said above, I’m a young guy with a big heart. I love people so much and really just want to be out in the yard playing with you. I’m a very happy dog, and anywhere I go I brighten the atmosphere. I’m super friendly and I have dog friends here, so if you already have a dog at home, bring them by so we can meet and become instant besties! If you look at my picture, you can tell I have a great personality because the photographer caught me mid-laugh. Or sneeze…but I’m pretty sure I was laughing. As you can see, I’m kind of a ham and love having my picture taken.

My ideal family would be one that is very active. I have a lot of energy and could make a great running dog. After we run I probably will still play ball with you, but then of course crash hard and take a nice nap. I’ve very loving and affectionate too – I may try and lay myself in your lap despite the fact that I’m pretty big.

Just like George last week, my birthday is also coming up here in just a couple weeks, May 15th to be exact! I would love to make it into my new home by my birthday because what better birthday gift could you get me than a forever home?? Please consider coming and seeing me – ask for Pop! The staff at the Leander Adoption Center will be so excited that you’re here to see me. Hope to see you soon (bring toys :))