Ready Fur Love: Zucy’s Love Letter

Ready Fur Love

Hello! My name is Zucy! I’m just under 3 years old.

People are always surprised when I say this, but I am a huge cuddle-bug! I’m speedy and love to run around or play fetch, but once I wear out, I am ready to plop on your lap and chill out for a bit. I am as sweet as can be with everyone I meet!

Before coming to Texas Humane Heroes, I was in a home with children and another dog. We all got along, but since coming to an environment that has so many other dogs, I have lost my confidence a bit. I can see myself in a home with another dog again in the future, but it will take an adjustment period for sure. Also, you have to remember that I am a major cuddler! That means that I can get sensitive when I’m being ignored for another pooch. As long as I get lots of pets and kisses, I will be living my ideal life! 

I’ve gotten better with my manners recently, although I am still working on my commands. I can sometimes be a bit aloof and distracted but all I really want is love, so if I see that you will give me some, I will do my best to listen!

Want to see me in action? Check out this short video of me playing around and posing perfectly for the camera!

Now that I’ve told you all about me, I would really love for you to come and meet me! You can take me to the yard, I can show off how fast I can run, and then we can sit on the bench together as we snuggle and fall in love!