Pack Pride: Peyton Provides for Pets

Pack Pride


Coming up on her one-year mark at Texas Humane Heroes in September, Peyton Garza has been a wonderful addition to our Killeen Adoption Team!

Before starting as an official staff member, Peyton had already gotten a head start at what her responsibilities would include when she volunteered with Texas Humane Heroes. Now as an Adoption Counselor, she starts off each day cleaning dogs’ kennels, fixing up our Kitty Kondos, and providing daily enrichment, exercise and socialization for our Killeen animals. She also has the pleasure of talking with potential adopters during our operation hours, introducing them to our pets, and counseling them when they realize they can’t leave without a new family member! Occasionally, when our Killeen location attends offsite events, she will also work those to show off our available pets in the community.

Peyton says that her favorite part about working with Texas Humane Heroes is forming bonds with as many of our animals as possible and helping them find good homes. “I’m very passionate about minimizing animal homelessness,” Peyton said. “Working with an organization that is doing just that is very rewarding!”

When she is not at work, she enjoys spending time with friends or her Siberian Husky, Ava.

“Being a part of an organization that is working towards a goal that is very important to me has impacted me in ways that are indescribable,” Peyton concludes.

Texas Humane Heroes is so glad that Peyton is a part of our team, she does so much to help spread our mission, and does everything she can to care for our animals.