Ready Fur Love: Niklas’s Love Letter

Ready Fur Love Ready Fur Love



     October 5, 2017

Hi Everyone!

It’s me, Niklas! Yes, I’m still waiting for my forever home, unfortunately, but I’m confident that I will find my new home soon! I’m ready! The past month I have been in a foster home and learned so many new things. My foster mom was teaching me so many things. So far I have learned the basics such as sit, stay, down, and come. I’m also learning to stay in my “settle” spot until I’m told I can leave. I’m on the road to being the perfect dog! I’m working very hard to learn your human speak and what you expect of me because my job in life is to make you happy.

Some of my favorite things are water, which my foster used as a reward after a full day of learning, and the car which I do really well in! I’m still learning the crate is a safe place but after awhile I start to feel anxious. It’s reducing day by day so I know that one day I will feel safe and happy in it as long as my new family keeps helping me learn that.

I have met some really nice people while waiting for my forever home and I’ve become really close with them. I like showing my love by rubbing my face against my friend. I’m still learning that strangers can be friends, too. Just like you wouldn’t marry someone the first day you meet them, I need some time before I rush into being BFF’s with someone.

If you like taking things slow to have it be true love, then I’m your guy! Our love story will go down in history. Are you willing to give it a try?

Love Always,




Ready Fur Love

July 6, 2017

Hi Everyone!

I’m Niklas and boy am I happy to be talking to you! I’ve been waiting for my family to come adopt me for far too long. Three months to be exact. I’m a little unsure why I have been having such bad luck, I’m a pretty cool guy. I guess I just haven’t met “The One” just yet. Hopefully after you read this letter that will all change! A little about myself, I love people. A lot. I greet everyone who comes up to my kennel with a big smile. We can go on a nice leisurely walk or play in the yard. I also really love playing with my doggo friends! We have so much fun playing tag in the yard. I really hope my new home already has a doggo in the home so we can get to the playing right away!

Despite my love for people, I will say I can be a little sensitive. Being restrained, leaned over, and especially what you humans call “hugging” can be really scary to me. People tell me all the time no one will hurt me and those “hugs” humans give are how they show love. I try to believe them, but it’s still a scary feeling so maybe we can show love in a different way. When my doggo friends ask what my perfect home looks like, it’s always hard to describe. I see so many homes that I would love to be in, but I think my all-time favorite would be either one or two people who already have a dog and are super active with hikes or runs and stuff, or with a family who has some older kids to play with in the backyard and grow up together! Just as long as they aren’t big on “hugging”, either.

Do either of those sound like you? Well then what are you waiting for?! Come meet me and let’s fall in love!