The Dogmom Diary: Dog Whisperer

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I am 100% a dog whisperer. Meaning, I talk to my dogs WAY too much (or at least that is what my boyfriend tells me).

Our house is littered with me saying the following (in a puppy baby voice of course):

How are my babies today?

(LOTS of tail wagging happens after this, maybe even some barking and circle jumps)

Do you need a belly rub?

(A fight for attention normally breaks out after this)

Where’s that kissy spot?

(Bruiser has a white spot on his back and Drifter has one on his head)

Who’s hungy?

(yep…no R)

Oh and singing happens. In the form of Happy Birthday and Celine Dion – Bruiser should have a record deal but Drifter is very close behind.

Sure, I do know it’s not about what I say but how I say it, but still.

I just can’t help myself because they do so much for me sometimes I feel like they ARE my little humans. And by “do so much” I mean they are the perfect therapist, companion, supporter…you name it.

For example, I can wake up ready to take on the world and who is frantically shaking their tails next to me just as excited? Bruiser and Drifter.

I could come home crying after a long and discouraging day and who puts their cold noses in my face and won’t leave my side? Bruiser and Drifter.

I can come home angry about the so and so that did such and such and who giving me that look of understanding? Bruiser and Drifter.

I know I know.

I’m that crazy dogmom.

And you guessed it, I wouldn’t change it for anyone.