Ready Fur Love: Chelsea’s Dating Story

Ready Fur Love: Chelsea’s Dating Story

Are you into curvy girls? Do you like them with full and voluptuous? Chelsea is a full-figured gal who is ready to fill your life with love and endless reasons why everyday should be a cheat day. She is a mellow girl who is calm and polite. She is friendly with her roommates and let’s them do their thing while she does hers. You can typically find her on the highest level of her cat tree, enjoying a good cat nap, or enjoying the warm air and bird watching on her catio. If Chelsea were a person, she would be the Southern Belle who sits on the porch with her friends drinking sweet tea exchanging award winning pie recipes.


If your hairstyle motto is “The bigger the hair, the closer to Jesus” and you are always blessin’ somebody’s heart, then Chelsea might be the perfect fit for you! So sit your butt down in them Wrangler jeans and meet the prettiest gal this side of the Mississippi, Chelsea!


What are  your lifelong goals?

“My lifelong goals are to live a happy and simple life. I would love a house with a sun room so i can lounge and enjoy the warm southern weather. I would like to have a family that socializes with other people. I enjoy spending time with my feline and human friends so having a family that enjoys the same would be ideal. We can throw a barbeque or even a dinner party and be all fancy like!”


What are your best qualities?

“Well, I was raised right by my mamma and I always show my manners. I am polite and friendly and you’ll never hear me utter a swear word. ’Yes Ma’am’ and ‘Yes, Sir’ are signs of respect, and please and thank you never go out of style. I also always look my best with the right shade of lipstick and my hair nice and big. Plus, I only use real butter.”


What’s your favorite food?

“My favorite it is any comfort food. If it ain’t deep fried, it ain’t done right, and don’t you even think about skimping on the gravy, now. Even after all that, the only way to finish is with a slice of homemade peach pie. Mmm. Mmm. Mmm.