Meet the Fosters: Penny, Fritz, Little Doe and Scout!

Meet Penny, Fritz, Little Doe and Scout!

These dogs are all currently in foster homes, but are available for adoption (*please note that Fritz is now back at the Leander adoption center). If you’d like to schedule a meeting with one of them or find out more information, please email Lindsey Thompson at


Meet Penny! Penny came from a terrible hoarding case in Midland, where she lived with 100 other dogs and very little human interaction. As a result, she really loves other dogs, but is shy and timid around humans. She has bonded with her foster family, so with gentleness, patience and love, she will come to learn that humans are not a threat. However, she needs a family that will take their time with her and let her get to know them. She is currently on anti-anxiety medication to help keep her calm. Penny is ready for a calm and patient forever family.


Meet Fritz! Fritz is a chihuahua who loves other dogs and people too! He is, however, an escape artist so you have to keep a close eye on him. He loves to run around in the backyard; his family will just have to make sure the area is secure. This little fellow is a very sweet pup and is more than ready to go to his forever home! *Please note that Fritz is now back at the Leander adoption center.


Meet Little Doe! This poor, sweet lady came from a breeder who was shut down. Her life before now had been one lived in a small cage having litter after litter of puppies, and a result she is fairly timid. She requires a calm household, although she doesn’t mind other dogs as long as they don’t get into her space. Little Doe is especially comfortable around the young son of the foster family, so she would be fine with children who know how to be gentle. She needs someone to shower her with love and affection!


Meet Scout! Scout is a sweet little chihuahua who loves people of all ages, including kids! He takes a little bit of time to warm up to you, but once he does he loves to be carried around so he can go everywhere you go! He will constantly be by your side, hanging out with the people he loves best. He is a very devoted pup!

If you are interested in meeting any of these dogs, please email Lindsey Thompson at Be a hero…adopt!