Howl-a-Wear: Last-minute Halloween costume ideas for you and your pet

It’s almost Halloween, and you’re back to the perennial question: what am I going to be this year? Or maybe it’s an even tougher quandary: what is my pet going to be this year? According to the National Retail Federation, consumer spending on pet costumes for the 2014 holiday will reach over $350 million. And the NRF doesn’t just track dollars spent; it also ranks the most popular costumes. The top 10 outfits for spirited canines and felines for this year will include: 1. Pumpkin 2. Hot Dog 3. Devil 4. Bumble Bee 5. Cat 6. Batman Character 7. Superman 8. Witch 9. Ghost 10. Star Wars Character

What about me?

But what if you’re keen on dressing up, too, and you want to coordinate your costumes? What are some inspirations for person-and-pet combos? You could always play off of the popular pet costumes above and match yourself to one of the items on the list. Sparky wants to be a hot dog this year? You could go as a bottle of mustard.  Rex wants to be the Caped Crusader? Well, every Batman needs a Robin.

Off the beaten path

Or maybe you’re looking for a more original idea? Think of other pairs in popular culture: you are Peter Pan, and Fifi is Tinkerbell; you are Sonny and Mittens is Cher; you are Godzilla and Cuddles is Mothra. Too complicated? Just look around the house for everyday combos: hammer and nail; baseball and bat; salt and pepper; toothbrush and toothpaste. The possible pairings are endless!

Freaky Friday

Or, for the ultimate challenge: consider a species switcheroo. You dress as your pet, and your pet dresses as you! Whatever you decide, and even if Fido dresses solo, Texas Humane Heroes wants to know! Post your pet costume pictures on our Facebook page! And Happy Halloween!