Meet Willow, Westin & Webster!

 Please note that this post is for information purposes and does not guarantee that these animals are yet or still available for adoption at Texas Humane Heroes. Please check the date of the post and call Texas Humane Heroes for further information on any of the animals.

Meet Willow, Westin & Webster! These kittens are currently in foster, but will be returning to the shelter soon and will be ready for their homes.

Willow is a black female kitten and is, along with her brother Webster, a very brave girl. She likes to get into things and nose around to see what’s going on. She’s definitely an explorer — although has a loud, sweet purr when you pet her. She LOVES food!

Webster, the brown tabby male, is also a very brave guy and loves to check out anything and everything. He has the most energy and plays the hardest, but he also purrs the hardest. Recently at the shelter he met a dog who he wasn’t particularly interested in; this little guy will probably do just fine in a home with dog friends. As long as they will play with him, of course!

Westin, the silver tabby male, is the calmest of the bunch, although he can play with the best of them too. He’s got big, sweet eyes and very calmly waits for his wet food while his brother and sister go crazy over it. He loves being petted, especially behind his ears, and doesn’t mind being held unless more interesting things are going on.

All of these guys will make ideal pets in any household. If you are interested in one of these guys, please contact Lindsey Thompson at Be a hero…adopt!