Ready Fur Love: Izzy’s Love Letter

Ready Fur Love

July 12, 2017

Hi Everyone,

My name is Izzy and I’m looking for my partner in crime- the Clyde to my Bonnie, the Thelma to my Louise. Maybe even both a Clyde and a Thelma! I am full of personality and I know we are just going to be two (three?) peas in a pod and click instantly. I’m very aware of my surroundings and always want to be “in the know.” I mean, did you hear the latest celebrity gossip? Girl, it’s crazy. I’m only catching up on the latest news when I’m awake, though. I gotta get my cat naps in. After all, I am a cat. And like any girl with endless amounts of news, I got a lot to say. Sometimes I “chirp” as I prefer to call it, but when we are hanging out and relaxing, I will tell you the gossip through purrs.

My best quality is how loyal I am. I love climbing in people’s laps and giving and receiving love. I will be your little shadow and follow you wherever you go. We can binge watch movies and tv shows together and then scare our friends by almost spoiling it for them. I imagine us making some fun, laugh and love filled memories together. I know you and I are going to be best friends and I wouldn’t change that in for a lifetime of celebrity breakups any day. So what are you waiting for? Come meet me so we can get our adventure started!