Purrfect Talker Blog: A Review & A Preview


Purrfect Talker

Author: Deanna Chesnut, Author, Purrs & Promises

THE BLOGGER: In the new Purrfect Talker Blogs, I introduced myself as a new blogger for Texas Humane Heroes and the author of PURRS & PROMISES, a memoir available on Amazon. I wrote the book with the intention that 100% of proceeds should go, in perpetuity, to an animal charity, and I’ve found the best one—Texas Humane Heroes.

I have a Master’s Degree, a background in human medicine, and have done many classes and much self-study in holistic/alternative medicine I was “trained” in my cat knowledge by three fuzzy gurus that led me from hate to love. They then guided me into the world of animal communication that changed my worldview, and even my very soul. You can read about my life-changing gurus in PURRS & PROMISES.  

THE BOOK: PURRS & PROMISES chronicles my journey from cat hater to cat lover as I learned about being the best cat-mom I could be. After stumbling into holistic healing, I accidentally found the amazing animal communication work through the machinations of a 7th generation psychic renter. The writing is full of humor and practical advice on cat care, the magic of alternative healing, a mystery about sweet Bella, and the mayhem of the cat who wouldn’t make a promise.  

THE BLOG:  Blog #2 was about toxic foods for cats and dogs, as well as ideas for hot weather treats. The food issue was continued in Blog # 3 with the introduction to Granpa Rex Allen and Creme Puff, our local celebrity cats who are in the Guinness Book of Records.

Our fourth and fifth blogs covered help for keeping your pets safe, secure and sound during July 4th using “alternatives” like pheromones, Flower Essences, training, etc., for treading through the noisy holiday with the least amount of discomfort and with no lost animals.

Next we moved on to the thought-provoking Spirit of Names and how the emotions surrounding words bring up issues and can be “read” by your animal.

And our last blog, Let the Chips Fall…tells of the grim statistics and hopelessness of getting a lost pet found if Pet is not chipped. We also urged you to keep all contact info up to date, for you and a secondary, and registered with the chip company through any life change—new address, new phone, etc. Phew, some serious stuff!  

PREVIEW: Blogs about new-fangled toys, home-made toys, the mysterious healers—essential oils and flower essences, pet bathing, flea riddance, product reviews, health issues, personal animal stories…and so much more.  

Mark your calendar to check out the latest Purrfect Talker blog post and be entertained, amused, and informed.