Ready Fur Love: Frankie’s Love Letter

Ready Fur Love

July 20, 2017

Howdy! I’m Frankie!

Some people call me Frankie Blue Eyes. Apparently they named me after some singer? I’ve never heard of him. Mostly because I can’t hear. I was born deaf and even my vision is a little off. People feel bad for me when they find out but really I don’t know any different! I don’t let it slow me down in anyway, and I aim to live life to the fullest! My favorite things in life are my blanket, people, toys, and playing all day with my pal Daisy (she’s also up for adoption!). I’m still a young guy so right now my life revolves around all things fun. I’m very active and can play fetch all day, then turn around and jump in the pool. Who knows, maybe after that, I will go for a nice run– the world is my oyster!

I am currently in a foster home which is awesome. Not only am I living the comfy and cozy life, I’m also learning a ton! I’m very smart so my ideal family is one that would take an interest in a whole new way of training. Since most dogs learn with sounds, I have to learn with sight. I still have a long way to go but I think it would be fun to learn together.  While I love other dogs and people of all ages, being the only pet in the house and having older people around me helps with my energy level and to settle. We can always head to the dog park!

The best thing about adopting me is a whole new way to bond with a pet. We won’t learn about each other through sounds but through sights. Between us there are no need for words, just a strong connection and a whole lot of love.  Does this sound like a new adventure you’re ready to take? What are you waiting for?