Ready Fur Love: Victoria’s Love Letter

Ready Fur Love

Hey, I’m Victoria! I’m the only Spice Girl sibling left here at Texas Humane Heroes. My sisters, Mel B and Geri, got adopted, but I’m still waiting for my forever family.

I’m only 6 months old, and I’ve been here at Texas Humane Heroes for five of those months. I’m a little shy around new people, but I think that just makes me more like Victoria from the real Spice Girls– glamorous yet mysterious . I got along great with my sisters and I’m fine with other cats, but I do also like my beauty sleep. Honestly, I really love observing other cats, and even people. I like to sit perched up somewhere high and just cat-watch!

I’m looking for a family who is patient, a person or group willing to wait for me to open up a bit. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be a “cuddly” kitty, but I’m a strong girl who is not afraid to be herself! I still have plenty of room to grow and change as a kitten – who knows, maybe I’ll be the most affectionate cat you’ve ever met!

If you Wannabe my adopter, you have to come meet me, of course! I’m with a new group of younger cats right now since my sisters moved out, so they might overshadow me in terms of affection and playfulness, but I would love for you to give me a chance! Say You’ll Be There for me always, and Let Love Lead the Way! So hurry up to meet your favorite Spice Girl, Victoria!

I’ll be waiting for you at the Leander Adoption Center, and I look forward to meeting you!