Ready Fur Love: Heath’s Love Letter

Ready Fur Love

Hello, I am Heath. I’m a soft, young fellow who can be a little wary around new people. I need a little time and slow movements to build trust, but once the trust is there, it’s there!

If you come visit me at the adoption center, you’ll most likely find me curled up on the “catio” basking in the gentle warmth of the outside world or inside up on a cat tree. Oh, and if you’ve never been to Texas Humane Heroes before, the “catio” is a little enclosed porch that those of us in the big condo have access to. I’ve been sharing that condo with about 9 other cats for quite a while now, and while it’s definitely not a hard life, I think it’s about time I find myself a home of my own.

It’s hard. I know I am shy and some of the other cats are so outgoing, so I can be easily overlooked. It doesn’t help that I have the same coloration and markings as a bunch of the other cats, so I don’t see myself as something special. Even so, I hold no hard feelings toward any of the other cats, and I would say that I get along with them just fine (so long as they respect my space).

Well, that was a bit of a downer. Let’s talk about some happy things. I’m not even 2 years old yet, so I’ve still got some kitten curiosity in me. Once I open up to someone and get comfortable in a home, I might even get a bit playful! I’m not a picky eater, and I have a cute little stub tail!

Oh gosh, this is getting kind of long I think. I’ll stop for now, but maybe I caught your attention, and maybe I’m what you’re looking for! If you want to give me a chance, come meet with me, Heath!