Ready Fur Love: Martin’s Love Letter

Ready Fur Love

April 13, 2017

Hi Family!

My name is Martin! You can call me Marty, though. Are you looking for a scruffy dog? I hear we scruffs are very popular in the dog world. Your hip, aren’t you? Some people ask me to use one word to describe myself, but using only one word would limit so many of my good qualities! I am very loving and loyal to all the people I meet, I am playful and energetic for those who live an active lifestyle, I am smart and can learn very quickly, and I have great hair. Seriously, come see it. I have a sun-bleached mohawk that those punk rockers can only dream of.

Because I am so active, I’m looking for a home that has a big backyard to play in, as well as someone to take me on daily walks. I would also love to learn things. I’m still very young with a lot to learn about the world, so training would be great! Then I can learn to be the best me you want me to be! I do enjoy hanging around the smaller humans, but they can’t keep up with me like the taller, older ones can. I think I would prefer a home with them or even just the adult humans.

No matter who you are or where you’re from, I know that you and I will go together like macaroni and cheese and I can’t wait to dive into life with you!